Ideas for Your Notebook

Pick one prompt.* Write without thinking for fifteen minutes. Enjoy the process.

  • Make a list of five things you are proud of. Then a list of five things you are ashamed of.  Pick one. Write about yourself or a character in a piece of fiction. Go.
  • Finish this sentence: If I could turn back time …
  • Describe three kinds of rain.
  • Compare happiness to an animal.
  • What do you know about ice cream?
  • Make a list of items forgotten on a trip. Make a list of items packed but didn’t need. Now write a scene/story/essay inspired by one of the items on those lists.
  • Write the full name of someone you love. Using only those letters write a list of words that could be made from those letters. Write a scene using only those words/letters.
  • What is the longest time you’ve waited for someone or something. Why did you wait?
  • Write a list of words with sounds you like or dislike.


*These prompts can be found in our favorite writing books: The 3 a.m. EpiphanyPencil DancingRoom to WriteEscaping Into The Open, Old Friend from Far Away, and Writing Alone and with Others.