Give Us Five Thursdays–Here’s Why

Writer’s Quarry starts with what’s working. Positive feedback must come first. We learn from our success. As readers, we speak ABOUT the text, not TO the writer. Writers should be able to write truthfully without being asked, “Is this true?”

The best way to participate in this group is to come back and write with us several times. If you’re looking for a number, let’s say … five times. That’s do-able, right? Here’s why. It takes time to get to know one another. It takes time to practice how we talk about writing. It takes time to build trust.

Twice a month, we write together; we share manuscripts and offer constructive feedback to inspire revisions. Come meet us. Write and share your manuscripts with us. But to get the most out of the workshop, mark FIVE Thursdays on your calendar and come back again and again.