Ready to Get Writing Again?

Hey, fellow writers! 

Writer’s Quarry will meet again on Thursday, January 16. It is the middle of the month and I am ready to get back to the routines that guided daily living before the holidays took over in the middle of December. How about you? Are you recovered and ready to get going again? 

(Hint: Come write with us Thursday night and find out.)

I took my Christmas tree down today. Each time I touched a branch to remove an ornament, needles would fall to the floor. I took the tree out the deck door and carried it across the lawn to set it upright under a 30 year old pine near the fire pit. One side of the tree had lost its branches when I shoved it through the door. I put the side with branches to face the house so the tree would look intact when I peeked at it from my kitchen window. 

I cleaned up the majority of branches and needles left behind. But there is the lovely detail of emptying the water from the tree strand (Could I dump that down the toilet? Will the needles clog the pipe?) and cleaning up all the remaining needles that the broom missed on the first round. I opted to delay and update this blog instead. I will clean it later. And what about you? What are you procrastinating today? 

I am relieved the holidays are over. Taking the tree outside means opening up space in front of our dining window, creating  potential for something new to be put in its place. I’m glad I can pack up all the ornaments and lights and bows and not have to think about them again until November when I consider getting a head start on holiday decorating. 

The holidays are a time when I surrender a majority of my attention to eating, visiting, eating, shopping, eating, drinking, shopping, eating, visiting. My surrender is like turning off a switch in regular-life room and leaving in order to turn on the switch and stay in holiday-life room. I get lost there for awhile.

But this week, I’m turning on the light in the room that matters to me, the one where I write and keep my butt in the chair long enough to finish a paragraph or that essay I’ve been tinkering with in my mind for the last few weeks.

And what about you? What are you getting back to?